StatPress Plus 1.2.1p

December 31, 2007

A new version of StatPress Plus, a slightly modified version of the world-famous StatPress plugin written by Daniele Lippi.

This version is made based upon StatPress 1.2.1 so has all the features in it. Additionally, StatPress Plus enables you to set date parameter in Search page. Of course you can narrow analysis conditions in Details page as well as the former version of StatPress Plus.



Monobook Theme 0.7.1

December 26, 2007

Another new version of Monobook Theme for WordPress, the Wikipedia-like theme employed at Rauru Blog, is now available.


Monobook Screenshot

StatPress Plus

November 23, 2007

StatPress is a sophisticated access analysis plugin for WordPress, written by Daniele Lippi.

Statpress Plus is a slightly modified version of StatPress, extending its Details page with conditional drilldown features. Every graph has links to limit a condition. For example, you can see the most accessed pages in a single day, from a specific referrer, or by a specific type of browser.


Monobook Theme 0.5

November 18, 2007

Now Monobook Theme 0.5 is available, as It’s now widget-aware, with streamlined navigation, and more!

Monobook Theme 0.4

November 11, 2007

A new version of Monobook Theme for WordPress is now available as monobook-0.4.tar.gz. It’s a quirk, impractical but somewhat impressive theme that makes your site look like Wikipedia/Mediawiki.

Google Analytics?

December 18, 2005

Recently I found a link to Google Analytics embedded in’s default theme. Great! supports an integrated urchin service!

But wait. How can I see the stat? Whose account is UA-52447-2?

Rauru Block on

October 26, 2005

Finally we are here!

Rauru Block is the name of a fictional secret society in the world of Torg RPG. It opposes evil Kanawa Corporation, which secretly reigns Japan with capital, violence and intrigue.

And we are the secret society named after it but actually exists! Of course we cannot reveal much about ourselves because we are a secret society after all, however, we guess we can tell you we have a blog, of course powered by wordpress. In addition, we are even testing a hidden WordPress MU site secretly.

And we have a secret outpost on now. Great. Down with Megacorps!